Faucet Repair in Portland, OR

When it comes to your faucets, Premier Plumbing will quickly help you determine whether your faucet can be repaired or will need to be replaced.


A few questions over the phone will get us started on the process of diagnosing your faucet woes. Based on your answers, we will straight up tell you if your faucet can be fixed or if it will need to be replaced.


If your faucet can be fixed, we'll ask you to locate the serial number and brand name for in order for us to assess whether we have the right parts on hand to fix your faucet on the spot. In some cases, we will have to order parts. But either way, if it can be fixed, Greg the Plumber can get the job done with ease and efficiency.


On the other hand...

Some people don’t realize that your kitchen faucet

gets turned on and off more than you open your front door.

Your car breaks down after 20 years, you go and buy a new car.

Your faucet breaks down after 20 years, you wonder why. 

Sometimes you just need to buy a new faucet.

—Greg the Plumber