Toilet Repair in Portland Oregon


Let’s talk toilets…


The two most common repairs when it comes to your toilets are the fill valve not shutting off and the flapper not holding. While these are minor problems many do-it-yourselfers can manage on their own, others may be at a complete loss when this occurs and need professional help.


Another common phone call we receive at Premier Plumbing is water leaking at the base of your toilet bowl. When this happens it’s important to locate the source.


The problem could be could be one of four things:


1)      Leaking from bolts that connect the bowl to the tank due to corrosion or loose connections

2)      Sweating that occurs from condensation in humid conditions

3)      A bad wax seal

4)      A bad toilet tank seal


The first is a matter of replacing or tightening the bolts. The second, if a persistent bother, might require insulation of the tank. The third and fourth are also easily determined.

Bad Wax Seal—place several drops of food coloring (about 10) directly into your toilet bowl and swish it around before flushing. Repeat and wait a while before flushing again. Check the bottom of the bowl. If you now have colored water—you have a bad wax seal.

Bad Toilet Tank Seal—place 10 drops of food coloring in your toilet tank and swish it around. This time leave it alone for a few hours, then check the back of your toilet to see if the colored water is dripping down to the floor and hovering at the base. If so—you have a bad toilet tank seal.

Premier Plumbing Can Handle Any Job, Large or Small


If we can talk you through you a couple of scenarios over the phone and save you the service call, we’ll give it a whirl—if you still need help, we’re happy to assist.

Toilet Replacement in Portland, OR

If you want to replace your toilet, Greg the Plumber is the one to call. He will not only install your new toilet, but he’ll advise you as to the best models to buy for your home or business. Some brands may be well known and make big promises, but they don’t deliver—Kohler comes to mind.  


At Premier Plumbing, we recommend and install only the best brand toilets for your dollar.


Here are our picks:



Economic—American Standard

Best Value for the money—Crane


Today’s toilets come in all varieties and have many advantages such as:

  • Water saving
  • Dependable flushing
  • Durability
  • Easy bowl cleaning
  • Stain resistant
  • Elevated for easier handicap access

Choose from a variety of colors and styles, heated seats, bidets, or custom designs.


We offer the convenience of ordering through us:



  • Order it
  • Pick it up
  • Bring it to you
  • Install it

But we won’t mark it up!  We simply offer this service as a courtesy for our clients.