Water Main Installation and Pipe Replacement in Portland Oregon

At Premier Plumbing, we replace and repair water pipes from your water meter to the inside of your house to keep your water systems functioning flawlessly.


If your water bill has more than doubled, you may need a plumber to repair or replace your water line. There is a simple way to tell if you have a water leak in the main line.  Make sure that everything is turned off and then take a look at the meter. If the needle is spinning, then you have a leak somewhere.


If your pipes are copper or PVC, there is a good chance that Premier Plumbing can repair the leak. However, if you have galvanized pipes, full replacement will be required. Ninety percent of the time, Premier Plumbing can utilize a trenchless method called directional boring, which minimizes the amount of lawn we have to tear up to complete the installation.


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