About Premier Plumbing in Portland

Premier Plumbing has been serving Portland, Oregon clients since 1997; however, Greg Wilhelm’s interest in plumbing developed at a much earlier age when he began studying the craft at a vocational high school in Marion, Ohio.

“I’ve always been highly mechanically inclined”

—Greg the Plumber


After spending 10 years in the Navy where he studied machinery and heavy industrial equipment, Greg went on to subcontract for Intel Techtronics and Maxim. In addition to his mechanical apptitude, Greg's curiosity and yearning for continued education contributes to his merit as a highly skilled tradesman.


His interest in equipment carrier over to his current vocation, as Greg keeps up with all trends in the plumbing industry, going so far as to help manufacturers improve the quality and performance of their plumbing equipment through testing practices and solicited feedback.


Greg has also toured manufacturing factories such as Laseo, Aqua Glass and American Standards to see how the parts are made and get a better feel for the manufacturers and their practices.


Learning every facet of the plumbing industry has been Greg Wilhelm’s life’s work and in doing so, his clients benefit from his vast experience, dedication to his craft and sage advice when it comes to everything plumbing.

Premier Plumbing in Portland Tells it Like it Is


Greg the Plumber will Never Steer you Wrong!


If you have a problem that needs fixing and Greg can talk you through a simple solution over the phone, you won’t be charged a dime. That’s just the kind of man he is.


If it can be fixed, Greg will fix it using only the Best Quality Parts.

If Greg tells you it needs replacing, you can bet that it needs replacing.


Of course it’s much more desirable to spend our hard-earned savings on new cars, vacations and fun stuff, rather than sinks, pipes, and toilets—but you must remember that your home is an investment and while upkeep isn't necessarily fun, it is necessary.

If you want the Straight Scoop, Call Greg the Plumber...


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