Water Heater Installation, Repair and Replacement in Portland

At Premier Plumbing, we install and repair gas, electric, state of the art and on-demand water heaters in Portland Oregon homes and businesses.


The kind of water heater you will need depends on your lifestyle and how long you plan on living in your home. As always, Greg the Plumber won’t try to sell you anything you don’t need or want, but will advise you on the best options for you.

When to Service your Water Heater

If your water pressure is low or starts to drizzle out after 10 minutes in the shower, it may be time to service or replace your water heater.

At Premier Plumbing, we intall Bradford White water heaters for our clients, so you know you are always getting the best water heater on the market today. Bradford White Corporation is the leading authority in water heaters. Even the Feds use their facility to gauge the performance of every other water heater in the system.

Home Maintenance on your Gas Water Heaters

Sometimes you can loose water pressure when sediment accumulates on the bottom of a gas water heater. You may even lose up to 70% of your water heater's efficiency. There is a simple solution to keeping your gas water heater in tip-top condition. Simply remove the sediment periodically.


Here's how:

  • Hook a garden hose to the bottom drain
  • Open it up
  • Let the water flow out for a minimum of 30 seconds or until the water runs clear
  • CAUTION: Do not drain into flower beds, as it will seriously endanger the life of your plants